Pneumatics contribute to automation in every industry

Many products are considered essential parts of modern lifestyles. Produced in modern, automated manufacturing plants. The key to this automation is the use of pneumatic control devices. They provide support for automation in core manufacturing fields like car manufacturing and electronics as well as cutting edge fields like IT and areas integral to our daily lives like food and medicine.

Pneumatic control devices are composed of elements such as air preparation equipment, air-line equipment, directional control components and actuators.

SMC has the world’s largest market share of pneumatic control devices, with over 11,000 basic models and a full product link up contains over 600,000 variations.

SMC continues to innovate. Improving their pneumatic control devices. Developing energy saving, highly advanced and compact products.

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LATEST PRODUCT NEWS: Fast delivery options on selected SMC electric actuators

With a large stockholding of component parts SMC can now offer excellent delivery times on three of their most popular electric actuator models - Series LEY, Series LEYG and Series LEFS.

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