Do you have machine that has become unreliable or unsafe? For a limited investment this machinery can be restored, returned to its optimum performance and we can ensure that it complies with current health and safety legislation.

Mechanical re-build

We can disassemble the equipment, assess items that are worn and then either replace or repair them. We will degrease, cleanse and re-spray any cosmetic parts then reassemble, align and re-commission the machine.


It is often the machine control system that has become unreliable. We can design and build a new system with up-to-date technology where the machine will often operate at an improved level.


We would assess the condition of the fluid power elements and depending on our findings, either fully replace them or undertake a programme of fitting new seals.

Safety/CE marking

As part of the refurbishment programme we are legally obliged to ensure that the machine meets with the current CE legislation in terms of safety and emissions.


For any new equipment provided as part of the refurbishment works (control system, replacement fluid power items etc.) we will provide a supporting documentation pack. On request, a full documentation pack can be generated by effectively stripping the machine to base components and then measuring and detailing each item.