We manufacture bespoke cable harness sets and cable assemblies. Large or complex small volumes We can help.

Our processes

Automatic wire cut to length and strip machines

We operate Schleuniger Wire Stripping Machines which enable the automatic cut to length and stripping of the insulation material. Insulation can be automatically cut and stripped from the core or cut and left in situ for hand removal. We use a combination of automatic electric crimpers for larger volume works and core sizes up to 10mm² and manual crimping for lower volume and larger core sizes.


We provide a hand soldering process mainly related to the production of soldered connectors and low volume manufacture of PCBs.

Tool calibration

All of our crimp tools are checked for function on a regular basis and the test data is kept on file. Any tools found to be outside of calibration are disposed of.

Marking systems

We offer marking styles from the conventional cable ident marker which is hand applied to a single core, through to a durable printed marker fitted to the outside of a multicore or cable set.


All cable sets are 100% tested for quality of termination and accuracy of the population of connectors. If necessary a test box will be produced.

Costing system

We have developed a bespoke software application for costing harness sets. This draws upon an archive of standard materials costs and base process times. This ensures we offer a consistent and competitive price and a quick response to enquiries.

What we offer

Order tracking

Customers are given a secure login to track orders and check the availability of finished goods.

Stock holding and logistics

For on-going or repeat Build to Print agreements we can set-up a stock holding area within our stores and invest in suitable component stock such as cables, crimps, pins and connectors. Finished assemblies can be held in our stores for call-off, delivered ‘lineside’ by our drivers or shipped using conventional carriers.

Client confidentiality

It is sometimes necessary for customers to share confidential process information. In those circumstances we will enter into a formal non-disclosure agreement.