Bringing the sense of touch to industrial robots

The OptoForce sensor brings the sense of touch to Universal Robot arms. The sensors are officially certified by Universal Robots and allow more tasks to be automated, helping reduce production times.

The OptoForce six multi-axial force/torque sensor can help automate many tasks that require the dexterity of the human hand.

They are durable and designed to fit various industrial robot arms to carry out tasks such as polishing, palletising and stacking with speed and high precision. Other applications include centre-pointing, path recording, box insertion, pin-in-the-hole, metal part sanding and presence detection.

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Available Applications

Prescence Detection

The OptoForce Force Torque Sensor along with the OptoForce Move application fine tunes the UR's protective stop function, so even the smallest counterforces - even forces smaller than 10 N - can be perceived.

For other applications such as movement, fix and rotate and connector insertion visit the OptoForce website.