strong and robust

The MayTec profile system is versatile and modular. Used worldwide to construct machine frames, safety guards, protective barriers, support structures, transport and supply trolleys, display systems, conveyors and work benches. The MayTec profile is load bearing and lends itself to complex structures.

With an impressive product range, MayTec offers a comprehensive variety of profile sections with an extensive range of accessories for functional and aesthetic solutions.

  • Versatile
  • Modular
  • Robust
  • Load bearing
  • Easy to process
  • Quick to assemble
  • Easily modified
  • Huge range of profiles

The profile system is used in all sectors of industry including automotive, aerospace, nuclear, chemical and pharmaceutical from machine builders to manufacturers and end users.

Applied Automation Industrial Systems can supply the profile and components for self-assembly and also offers a processing and assembly service.

Profile System

The flexible and modular design is extremely easy to use, quick to assemble and modify.

Your chosen configuration depends only on the dimensions, expected forces and the required stability.

Profile Range: profile groups from 16mm to 60mm and a host of special profiles

Curved profiles: can be provided pre-formed into curved sections

Connectors: provide a rapid, functional, strong and vibration-proof method of connecting the MayTec profile range with the minimum amount of machining.

Accessories: vast range of accessories that can be quickly fitted to the profile sections.

Stock rack: we can provide a bespoke stock rack so the materials to be easily managed.


Robust and versatile, it can be combined in any way imaginable to create efficient industrial solutions.

Work stations: a pre-configured range with a host of accessories to enable you to rapidly create an efficient work area.

Clean room system: profiles and joints for clean rooms with no open slots exposed so the sterile environment is preserved.

Safety/protective barriers: the MayTec safety barrier system has been proven to withstand an impact of 100kg at 20km/h ensuring protection of your personnel or processes. Frames and access doors are available with the option to fit polycarbonate or mesh infill panels.

Linear system: standard accessories enable you to add linear bearings and a belt drive system for a robust, easily configured linear system.

Telescopic system: using profile sections and slider blocks it is quick and easy to create a telescopic mechanism providing a robust lift system with a limited shut height.


Design: we offer a complete design service, working with you to create an efficient solution. We can translate your idea into a working MayTec design for free. For an original or more complex design there may be a negotiated fee.

Processing & assembly: choose from a range of options…

  • Profiles and components supplied for you to process and assemble
  • Fully processed kits with the profile pre-cut and drilled ready for you to assemble
  • Kits pre-assembled, final assembly on site
  • Shipped fully assembled

MayCAD: this, free to download, CAD package allows you to quickly generate your own solution. Download the software here.

CAD drawing library: a free service to assist your design work and CAD drawing. You can access the CAD library and download the required symbols here.

Training: our skilled team can provide training programmes for your design or fitting team.