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Automation Equipment

Specialist Processes

Over the many years that we have been involved in the design and manufacture of automation equipment we have developed specialist skills

Automated Test

Automated Leak Tester
Automated Leak Tester As a stand alone machine or as part of a process we have a wealth of experience in the manufacture of automated test machines. By integrating proprietary test equipment or where necessary using our own bespoke devices we have successfully tackled the test functions as listed:
  • Function Test
  • Pressure Decay Leak Test
  • Flow Test
  • Electrical (Current\Flash)
  • Continuity

Automated Assembly

Automated Assembley Bowl Feeder
We would consider the design and manufacture of Automated Assembly Equipment to be our primary activity and we have a large portfolio of machines operating in the field. Parts can be automatically fed using bowl feeders, tray feeders or from magazines. As part of the assembly process we are familiar with the integration of process checks; poka yoke devices, force/distance monitoring, vision Inspection, etc
  • Parts Feeders
  • Poke Yoke
  • Force\Distance Monitoring
  • Vision Inspection
  • One Piece Flow

Metal Cutting \ Forming

Drilling As part of an assembly \ manufacturing process or as a stand alone machine we have designed and manufactured machinery to undertake each of the listed functions:
  • Drilling
  • Tapping
  • Folding
  • Stamping
  • Crimping
  • Coining
  • Roll Forming
  • Laser Welding
  • Swaging

Automated Handling

Automated Handling
Automated Handling Handling either piece parts within an assembly process or the finished product we have built Automated equipment that integrates each of the listed systems:
  • Robotics
  • 6 Axis
  • Cartesian Servo Pick & Place
  • Pneumatic Pick & Place
  • Gantry and Palletising Systems


Marking The need to proof, date code or identification mark a component following a test or assembly process is common place and we have experience of integrating each of the listed types:
  • Inkjet Print
  • Pad Print
  • Laser Marking
  • Pin Stamp
  • Labelling (Print & Apply)

Thermoplastic Welding

IR Heating / Welding
IR Heating / Welding Thermoplastic products can be joined “welded” together by plasticizing (softening to the point of melting) the surface of the parts and then pressing the parts together. The plasticizing process is achieved by the application of heat to the surfaces. Traditionally the heat source can either be generated by friction “spin welding” or it can be applied directly to the surface “contact heating” or by “non-contact” heating where there are concerns about deposits being left on the product or hot plate. For non contact\clean weld applications we have developed numerous solutions using IR Lamps, which are far more energy efficient and responsive than traditional hot plates.
  • IR-Welding
  • Spin Welding
  • Hot Plate "Contact" Welding
  • Hot Plate "Non Contact" Welding
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